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BOOK PEDDLERS mainly publishes titles written by the publisher, Vicki Lansky. After her departure from Meadowbrook Press in 1983—a company she and her then-husband founded to publish FEED ME I’M YOURS—Lansky began writing books for other publishers. Book Peddlers, her literary agency at that time, kept active those titles that had by then gone out-of-print with some of these other publishers. Soon the literary agency was overshadowed by the publishing venture as Book Peddlers became the publisher of the new books Lansky wrote. Book Peddlers now publishes over 24 of her 30+ titles.vicki1

”Feed Me I’m Yours, my first book, began as a local fund raising cookbook in 1974 and turned me into an author. I thought it was the only book I’d ever write and then for a while, I thought that each new book would be my last. Was I wrong! When you write parenting books, everyone glances critically at your children. Thank goodness mine had the good graces to turn out well.

In 1988, when Family Circle asked me to be a contributing editor to their “Help” column, I was delighted. This would be a place for me to share “grown-up” tips. I finally moved beyond the days of needing to know that peanut butter removes gum from children’s hair!

I think my mother would be astonished to know that I gave out cleaning and household advice to millions of people for 9 years as a columnist for Family Circle magazine. After all, she—not I—had made a career of homemaking.”

vicki2Vicki was a Sunday columnist Minneapolis Star Tribune (1985-1987), was a contributing editor to Family Circle magazine for over 8 years and wrote a monthly column for Sesame Street Parents magazine from 1987 to 1997. Vicki’s media appearances over the years have included The Rosie O’Donnell Show, The View, CBS This Morning, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Phil Donahue Show, CNN, PM Magazine, Attitudes (Lifetime Cable), Hour Magazine, Smart Solutions (HGTV), the 700 Club, and The Today Show. She has been featured in several major national magazines and held a parenting spot for a year on AP Radio in 1983. She taped TV segments for Help! Around the House, and Home Matters.